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Email and Facebook
Productivity 2016-08-02
Productivity takes a hit when you're distracted. And let's face it, Facebook is one of the greatest distractions you have, whereas email has had a tendency to distract you at work. In short - you need some strict rules to deal with this kind of communication. read more...

Music selection 2017-02-04
Joe Taranto - Arrival
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Blood splats
Games industry 2016-08-01
When kids ask why they have to learn about vectors, because they are never going to use it again in their lives, they are astonished when I can tell them that vectors were once a big part of my working life. read more...

How to do long distance bicycle trips
Bicycle trips 2016-06-06
Many people I talk to about long distance bicycle trips see it as something you have to practice for. After all, bicycling is a physical endurance thing, right? What they forget is that there is a difference between having to get somewhere in a rush and enjoying your vacation. read more...

Why bullying is about you, even when you think it isn't
Psychology 2016-06-05
The political narrative revolves around limiting the concept of bullying within the narrow frame of child behaviour. When the exact same behaviour occurs outside this frame, it is given a lot of different names. While one could consider this as a divide-and-conquer strategy, it completely misses the root behaviour and allows it to perpetuate in new forms. read more...

Asthma and bicycling
Health 2016-05-20
"Do you have any tips for an asthmatic cyclist?"
Yes I do.

Eurovision - political or not?
Politics 2016-05-20
Already before the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, people were saying that Jamala's song 1944 was political. When the song actually won the contest, more voices have been raised. I'm giving my €0.99 analysis. read more...

Du sitter der stille
Poetry 2016-04-29
Eit dikt eg skreiv ned på baksida av ein fergebillett 11.7.2005 - funne att i ei kasse nesten 11 år seinare... read more...

Realms and forms of bullying
Psychology 2016-02-20
While public discourse focus on specific types of bullying within the realm of public school, few are looking at or even realize that bullying pattern occurs in all layers of human society. read more...

Project planning for intelligent home
Intelligent Home 2016-01-31
Living requires a lot of work. Living in a home requires more work. Owning a home that need maintenance even more so. The larger the home, the more needs to be monitored, and the more stuff you wish you could automate. Even something as mundane as changing the temperature on the central heating every morning and evening is a task that can easily be forgotten in the morning rush and evening drowsiness. And so I started my Arduino-based project to make my home more intelligent. read more...

Toddlers possibly to be banned from USA
Crazy ideas 2015-12-12
Inspired by a rich politician's idea of banning Muslims from entering the USA as a way of curbing specifically Islamist terrorism (terrorists who claim other faiths are welcome), US Congress and particularly the Republican party is considering this ingenious method of curbing other problems. read more...

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