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Car trips
Before I was able to do the Paris-Amsterdam Bicycle trip, I wanted to do a car trip round the Baltic Sea. When I spoke to my neighbour about this, it turned out that he had planned for a long time, too. The summer of 2005, we did the trip together.

June 2005
25 Guovdageaidnu-Kajaani
26 Kajaani-Petrozavodsk
27 Petrozavodsk
28 Petrozavodsk-St Petersburg
29 St Petersburg
30 St Petersburg-Tallinn

July 2005
1 Tallinn
2 Tallinn
3 Tallinn-Jurmala
4 Jurmala-Riga
5 Riga-Vilnius
6 Vilnius
7 Vilnius-Gdansk
8 Gdansk
9 Gdansk
10 Gdansk-Nynäshamn
11 Nynäshamn-Malungfors
12 Malungfors
13 Malungfors
14 Malungsfors-Skellefteå
15 Skellefteå-Guovdageaidnu

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