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Why bullying is about you, even when you think it isn't
Psychology 2016-06-05
The political narrative revolves around limiting the concept of bullying within the narrow frame of child behaviour. When the exact same behaviour occurs outside this frame, it is given a lot of different names. While one could consider this as a divide-and-conquer strategy, it completely misses the root behaviour and allows it to perpetuate in new forms. read more...

Eurovision - political or not?
Politics 2016-05-20
Already before the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, people were saying that Jamala's song 1944 was political. When the song actually won the contest, more voices have been raised. I'm giving my €0.99 analysis. read more...

Realms and forms of bullying
Psychology 2016-02-20
While public discourse focus on specific types of bullying within the realm of public school, few are looking at or even realize that bullying pattern occurs in all layers of human society. read more...

Dealing with bureaucratic bullying
Recovery 2015-12-11
From time to time, you meet caseworkers who wage war on you. No matter what the truth is, they handily ignore anything that speaks in your favour, only half facts that incriminate you somehow is considered as the total of all facts. You feel ignored, harassed, bullied. I propose how to deal with them in a manner that is both ethical and mentally healthy for you. read more...

Why Paris?
Psychology 2015-11-18
As with every other major catastrophy, expressions on the Internet has been split in three. There are the ones who wave the French flag, there are the ones who criticize the people who wave the French flag, and there are the ones who stay quiet. read more...

The absurd blindness of conflict
Recovery 2015-02-03
In a school yard, far far away in my deep dream cycle, pupils and teachers were fighting. It was not just the ordinary pupil-doesn't-want-to-go-to-class exchange of ugly words. No, this was a real fight with sticks and stones and tear gas. It was brutal. The pupils REALLY didn't want to go to class. read more...

Bullying in the public sector
Politics 2014-01-31
Bullying is more common in the public sector than in private companies. It goes to say that if a private company was infested with a culture of bullying, they would go bankrupt fairly quickly. No surprise then, when The Syney Morning Herald reports about Bullying in the NSW public sector. read more...

Seasonal neutrality: How the politically correct are politically incorrect
Politics 2013-12-13
Every Christmas we hear the same stories about how a school did not do their annual Christmas mass, TV hosts hide their crosses and hijabs, Buddha hides behind a tree and the Chinese Dragon is banned from public space. The all-inclusive suppression of religious and cultural identity has been the "politically correct" approach to creating an all-inclusive society. But is it really inclusive? read more...

LoA-approach to bullying
Psychology 2013-09-11
A woman posted on an LoA group I'm a member of, asking for advice in the following scenario: Her niece is overweight and gets bullied at school. She came across some advice that might help her reduce weight and approached her brother about it. The result was a shut down of communication. read more...

Proving bullying at work
Politics 2013-09-02
"It is almost impossible to prove bullying at work," says LO-attorney Karl Inge Rotmo. While the employer has the burden of evidence that the physical work environment is in order and that there has been no discrimination, the victim must carry the burden of evidence in occurrences of non-physical bullying. read more...

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