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  Intelligent Home
Project planning for intelligent home
Intelligent Home 2016-01-31
Living requires a lot of work. Living in a home requires more work. Owning a home that need maintenance even more so. The larger the home, the more needs to be monitored, and the more stuff you wish you could automate. Even something as mundane as changing the temperature on the central heating every morning and evening is a task that can easily be forgotten in the morning rush and evening drowsiness. And so I started my Arduino-based project to make my home more intelligent. read more...

ICT 2014-04-29
Trollsilm Tagged Template is a technology that allows rapid development of dynamic web pages. It turns web development on its head by making the HTML template the main document, with code embedded as very simple tags. Each tag addresses something that, by experience, is frequently done and should be simplified. read more...

5. National solutions
Consulting in public sector 2011-03-23
Employees of the Norwegian Wealthfare Agency (NAV) complain about how their systems are outdated. Some must even "learn DOS commands", which we know is the umbrella term for black windows with white text where you must actually use the keyboard. read more...

4. Local Solutions: Gaining control
Consulting in public sector 2011-03-04
In many ways, one can say that a small group of software companies in Norway increasingly "own" the public sector as a result of this policy. And consultants are having a field day. read more...

3. Reasons for hiring consultants
Consulting in public sector 2011-02-28
The department lists a few "official reasons" why consultants are so widely used in the public sector. However, I read these reasons as the typical excuses, not the underlying reasons. read more...

2. Welcome to Mount Meta
Consulting in public sector 2011-02-25
As I mentioned in my previous article, DRAC is requesting a method for performing a study with the purpose of reducing spending on Consultants In Public Administration (CIPA). This is basically a meta-meta-request to enable work on meta-information on public work processes. Indeed, anything that begins at a meta-meta-level tends to continue downhill in a meta-meta-meta fashion. read more...

1. Excuses for using consultans
Consulting in public sector 2011-02-20
The Norwegian Department of Renewal, Administration and Church (probably the weirdest combination for a department - hereafter know as "DRAC") has an article addressing the effective use of consultants in the publics sector - or rather, lack of efficient use. Consultants are used all over the place. Particularly, one is concerned with the use of IT consultants read more...

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