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So this is my challenge to myself: The continuous study of seven arts. Within each art, seven subtopics. And where possible, such as language and music, allow the subjects to intertwine.

Asthma and bicycling
Health 2016-05-20
"Do you have any tips for an asthmatic cyclist?"
Yes I do.

Garlic-Champignon sauce
Cooking 2014-05-25
In my quest to write down more of my wins, I present the cure to the common cold and many other things: garlic. Especially on a day when I have actually caught the common cold, this sauce is a win. read more...

Crash hot potatoes
Cooking 2014-01-17
In preparation for the weekend, allow me to introduce an Australian dish that was introduced to me by Canadian Marmalade: Crash hot potatoes as described by the Pioneer Woman. It is fantastically easy and wonderfully yummy. They are like baked potoates, just... crashed. read more...

The importance of your job
Religion 2014-01-13
The importance of your work is an illusion, strongly coloured by your opinion of how things should be. read more...

Goals, plans and intent
Process 2014-01-10
During the first week of the year, every news stream is flooded with stories about new year resolutions. Some happily list their resolutions, some give advice to help you keep your resolutions, while others question the point of new years resolutions at all. Resolutions, however, is only part of a larger subject called a "plan". read more...

Cats of habit
Creative 2014-01-08
A cat walks on the street outside. He walks the same route every day, just like the factory workers who also walk by every morning at the same time every day. And I sit here by the kitchen window, watching it all. read more...

Does it matter?
Religion 2014-01-01
If there is a God, a god or ten gods or none. Does it matter? Is there a heaven or a hell or an after life or a before life, does it really matter? Do we really need to know? read more...

Immediate attention required!
Process 2013-12-23
We have not really pushed our kids to be clean by the table. Not really. Noone gets scolded for spilling. read more...

The little sun
Creative 2013-12-18
Once upon a time, there was a sun who was so very small. Indeed, she was the smallest sun in the street. But there was no lack of ambitions. She had great plans to shine up there in the sky, so that she would become known in the entire world. read more...

Definition of Terror revisited
Rhetoric 2013-12-09
So called "hate speech", encouraging people to commit violence and/or terrorism, is already prohibited. November 29th 2013, PST, the Norwegian version of NSA, announced that they would like to expand this law to include statements that glorify terror. read more...

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