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Time for a rerun of our local lullaby.

To the tune of Vårsøg by Henning Sommerro

No e de natt, å sola he gått ned
Å månen hengje høgt på himmeli
Hanj passa på at allje he de gått
Å finnje væji fram te drøymeland

I drømeværa venta eventyra
På at me ska kåm' å drøyme dæi
so dæi kanj værte bæire kjænt me oss
å me ska værte bæire kjænt me dæi

Å stjærnene, dæi blænkje søtt te dej
å sænde vakre tanka ne te åss
so me ska drøyme væras beste dræuma
å trene oss å værte bæire åss

I mårgå e de nye dag so vænta
me allje ting so me ska sjå å jære
so no må me såve jøna hæile natta
å ikkje stå opp før tidli mårgen gry

na-naa na-naaa na na na na na naaa naaa
na naa na naaaa na na na na na naaa
na nanana naaaa na naa na naa na naa naa
na nanana naaaa na naa na naa na naaaa

Now it's night, and the sun has set
And the moon is high up in the sky
He's seeing to that everyone is fine
And find their way into the world of dreams

In the dream world adventures they are waiting
For us to come and dream them
So they can get to know us that much better
And we will also get to know them

And the stars, they're winking sweet to you
And send such beautiful thoughts to us
So we shall dream the best dreams there are
And show us the way to be a better us

Tomorrow there's a new day waiting for us
with all the things that we shall see and do
So now we must sleep through the entire night
And do not get up before the early dawn

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