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Du sitter der stille
Poetry 2016-04-29
Eit dikt eg skreiv ned på baksida av ein fergebillett 11.7.2005 - funne att i ei kasse nesten 11 år seinare... read more...

Toddlers possibly to be banned from USA
Crazy ideas 2015-12-12
Inspired by a rich politician's idea of banning Muslims from entering the USA as a way of curbing specifically Islamist terrorism (terrorists who claim other faiths are welcome), US Congress and particularly the Republican party is considering this ingenious method of curbing other problems. read more...

Kefir-powered Christmas tree
Crazy ideas 2015-12-10
My wife presented me with a book full of physics experiments you can do with home supplies. Lots of stuff to keep the kids interested. One of the things that caught my attention was the kefir battery. read more...

Back to Zorba the Eurovision
Crazy ideas 2015-11-21
In lack of my own DeLorean, I have written the script for the future Back to the Future Zorba the Greek Eurovison trailer. read more...

I am here
Kindfullness 2015-09-18
And I have the right to be here. After all, I exist, and that is evidence enough. You exist, too. That's evidence that you have the right to exist. It is this right to exist that made you into existance in the first place. read more...

Help Tyler get back on his feet
Kindfullness 2015-05-16
Tyler was involved in a serious work accident and suffered serious damage. He has had one surgery and will require more. He will be out of work for a minimum of 3 months. He is the sole provider for their family of 4. While he will receive workers comp, it will not be his full salary and I'm sure they will have unexpected expenses along the way. read more...

Course invitation
Crazy ideas 2015-05-07
You are hereby invited to a course in course invitations. read more...

Drugs in sports
Crazy ideas 2015-04-25
We have an idea that the use of drugs to increase performance is ethically wrong and it makes sports impure, while we cheer for the team that has technically prepared their skis in the most superior manner. While more athletes get caught drugging themselves to gold, we look for ways to revert the trend. What if the key to reducing the use of drugs was to allow it? read more...

Crazy ideas 2015-02-05
Det er mykje snakk om urfolka i Noreg og verda generelt, men ingen tek opp spørsmåla rundt den mest underkua folkegruppa - surfolket. Det er generelt lite debatt rundt ganske mange folke- og dyreslag. Eg har difor laga ei oppsummering av det som media stort sett overser. read more...

Palun multifilmi! / Please cartoon!
Crazy ideas 2014-05-05
As all children, our kids love to watch TV. That is, cartoons. And as we think most parents should do, we do our best to restrict our children's viewing habits. read more...

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