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Crazy ideas
Shrinking world theory
Shrinking world theory
The universe is incredibly huge - or so we are led to believe. We are also told that it all originated from a tiny point that contained everything. This point, in turn, was located in something that was not actually the universe. And from this point, everything exploded into a growing universe which, as we understand it, still remains within a bubble of existance floating in an ocean of non-existance. So much for the theories of a universe based on matter.

Allow me to introduce the thought based universe, where your mind is the centre of all things. Where the things that are far away from you are small, not because they are far away, but because you're not giving them much thought.

In this world, as a space ship leaves Earth, it shrinks. The further away from Earth, the smaller everything gets, including our aparatus of detecting this distortion. This happens because, quite frankly, we're busy thinking up things to do on Earth rather than on Mars.

The reason it is not incredibly obvious that extra-terrestials are already running the show even here on Earth, is because we're not giving it enough thought. We're not thinking about it, and therefore, it does not exist - except for those who do think about it. And they think about it a lot.

While this may sound like high flying fantasy, there are a lot of things right here on Earth that we do control with our thoughts. Our governments have power only because we allow them to. It is the mass of individual world views that generate the occational change.

So could we change the progress of world events to the better if we all agreed on what the greatest solutions were? Too easily, we take sides in one specific camp - especially if we're personally affected. But lasting truce is only achieved through a win-win solution. How can we turn a dispute into something where we all win?

Think about it.

Write about it.

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