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Longer trip
1994 Gard's Excellent Adventure
1997 Montreal-Toronto by bike
1998 Georgia Guidestones
1998 East of Wabash
1999 The Big Moo
2002 Poland-Ukraine
2005 Baltic sea clockwise
2011 Paris-Amsterdam by bike

Being planned
2017 Milano-Taranto by bike
2018 Estonian celebrational bicycle trip
2021 Paris-Amsterdam II

How to do long distance bicycle trips
Bicycle trips 2016-06-06
Many people I talk to about long distance bicycle trips see it as something you have to practice for. After all, bicycling is a physical endurance thing, right? What they forget is that there is a difference between having to get somewhere in a rush and enjoying your vacation. read more...

Starting your adventure
Adventure 2015-07-19
"I envy you. You have done so much with your life, but I have just lived the same boring life." Climbing the ranks from local newspaper to CBC web reporter, now getting training for radio. That's plenty of doing. "You have traveled so many places." But that's easy, you know. You just have to start... read more...

The day I went sailing
Ålesund 2015-06-28
As the tall ship races of 2015 are closing, I'm reminded of a a warm summer day in the beginning of the millenium that a friend asked if I wanted to come sailing. Sure, I said. read more...

Paambi 2011-05-13
Flying to Paris, two hour walk to hotel, having a bath. read more...

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