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A bow for the what...?
A bow for the what...?
Even at the largest music store in the largest city of the world's second largest country in terms of land mass, some requests are rare.

So when my wife sent me to ask for a bow for a saw, the immediate reaction was "a bow for your WHAT?" Saw. "The thing you cut wood with?" That's the one.

Apparently, I was not the only one to have asked for this. They had had exactly ONE customer who had previously asked for it. While the sales engineer did not know much about which bows should be used for saws, the previous one had just gotten a cheap violin bow. So I bought the same one as the last saw-player.

After I got back to the apartment, however, I found out that the bow was 10 cm too long for my suitcase. Should I bring it as a carry on, I wondered? I suspected that if I showed up with just a violin bow, airport security might begin to give me some trouble.

Being me, the solution would not be to get a larger suitcase in Chinatown for No. Back to the music store I went. later, I came out with a violin with violin case with room for the TWO bows I now had, a pan flute, four sliding whistles and two sets of guitar strings.

Traveling with a violin case was not a problem at all. I was allowed the violin as a second piece of carry on, exempted from the one piece policy. Security seemed friendlier than usual. Indeed, it felt like having VIP status.

The story about saw playing

I can't confirm that the story is true, but it seems plausible.
So this violinist was playing all day long around the lumberjacks. One of them got so tired of it that he said - play one more song on that violing, and I will saw it in half!
The violinist did not heed this warning, but continued playing, only to find his instrument rapidly being sawed into a shape not beneficial for producing music.

What then, the violinist, should he use to play music with? Well, why not try the saw - because obviously, the lumberjack is not going to saw his saw in half. And that, they say, is how the saw became a musical instrument.

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