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Due dilligence
Do not lie on the CV
Do not lie on the CV
A recruiter told me to lie on my CV. Not only was he surprised that I refused good money for a small lie, he was astonished by my reasoning as well.

I first received an e-mail. An hour later, the recruiter called to check if I had received the e-mail. He had a high paying job for me in the Netherlands, and he thought I was the perfect candidate, could I please send him my latest CV. And so I did.

An hour later, he called again. There was a problem with my CV. "On the CV, I can't find any Java experience after year 2000, could you please update it?"

"It is updated. I do not have any professional Java experience after the year 2000. But I know from experience that I have no trouble learning everything I need to learn very fast."
"But the position I am offering requires that you have recent experience. Can't you just change the dates, sir?"
"You want me to lie on the CV?"
"I'm just asking you to change the dates, so that the CV says you have recent Java experience."
"But I don't have recent Java experience."
"I know. But if you do not make this change, I can not process your application, and you can not have the job."
"I'm not going to lie about my experience. I'm a fast learner, and the employer either accepts this and trusts me, or he does not. I am not going to lie."
"Why can't you just make this little adjustment? It is very good pay."
"Because any lie is going to mess with my mind and cause suffering."
"I don't understand. You're the first person I meet who refuses to lie on the CV."
"I'm not alone. It's a Buddhist trait."
"You're a Buddhist, sir?"
"If you wish to label me so, then yes."

I went on to explain the reasoning. Every thought you think, every word you say, ever action you do accumulate for good and bad in your mind. If I lie, I am saying that the real me is bad, and so I add to my suffering. The lie also a lack of trust and faith between me and the person I lie to. This will cause more suffering down the line. Therefore, by principle, I do not lie.

"That is so beautiful," he said. And while he therefore could not process my CV so that I could get the job, he wanted to be my friend. And also to quit his job as recruiter, because he had to keep asking people to lie.

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