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Does it matter?
Does it matter?
If there is a God, a god or ten gods or none. Does it matter? Is there a heaven or a hell or an after life or a before life, does it really matter? Do we really need to know?

This entry is not really making any claims, just pointing at things to reflect on.

If God's existance was important to our life experience, evidence of this would be clearly visible to everyone. It would be taken for granted. There would be no discussion about it.

The absence of evidence is, as a not so popular American President once said, not evidence of absence. However, if a God purposely avoids leaving clear evidence of his existance, then the absence of evidence must be important for our experience.

The purposeful absence of evidence is a clear message that God's existance should be irrelevant to our life experience. Our lives should be lived in a manner in which we can assume that God does not exist. That there is no afterlife.

Even if there is an afterlife, your current life has the purpose of your current life. If the purpose was your afterlife, then your current life would serve no purpose.

So does God matter?

Your homework:

If your life is seen as independent from an afterlife, independent from God, and all that matters is your experience, then what experience do you crave?

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