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Due dilligence
  Do not lie on the CV
Due dilligence
Life has taught me a few rules about work life. When looking for employment or projects, some principles need to be followed.

  1. I shall not take a job that goes against my convictions - which generally means I will not work for an activity that hurts or promotes hurting other people physically or mentally.
  2. When I interview, the interview goes in both directions. Before accepting your job offer, I have done thorough research on what you do and your work environment.
  3. Work environment must encourage and accept the principals of mutual openness and continual improvement.
  4. I shall accept only jobs/projects that I am certain I can live up to.
  5. Sometimes it is better to be an external consultant than an employee, and I am open for both options.
  6. There is no such thing as job security. Anything can change at any time.
  7. Do not lie on the CV.
  8. US Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) tend to insult me every time I entered the US and made it very clear that I was not wanted in the USA. I intend not to have that experience again. (Though this is an issue I have with the INS, not with American residents.)

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