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Garlic-Champignon sauce
Garlic-Champignon sauce
In my quest to write down more of my wins, I present the cure to the common cold and many other things: garlic. Especially on a day when I have actually caught the common cold, this sauce is a win.

You need:

  • Champignon (or other mushroom to your tasting)
  • Garlic
  • Black pepper
  • Cream
How much of each? My grandma' told me that you don't measure, just add to taste. In this exercise, I used one small can of champignon, three cloves of carlic, some turns on the pepper grinder and only a dash of cream. Who needs measurements?

Toss everything but the cream in the mixer, run on high speed, crush everything to smoothness. Next, add the cream and mix it on slow speed - unless you're going for garlic butter. Your call.

The sauce can now be enjoyed cold, or warmed up slightly to take the sting out of the garlic and add the foaminess of the cream. Enjoy as a sauce on your dinner or as dip.

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