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Dealing with bureaucratic bullying
Dealing with bureaucratic bullying
From time to time, you meet caseworkers who wage war on you. No matter what the truth is, they handily ignore anything that speaks in your favour, only half facts that incriminate you somehow is considered as the total of all facts. You feel ignored, harassed, bullied. I propose how to deal with them in a manner that is both ethical and mentally healthy for you.

There is a saying that if you can choose to be right or kind, then choosing to be kind will make you right every time. Keeping this in mind when dealing with bureaucratic bullies really gives you only one option: love bombing!

Consider this - it must be a lonely job to sit and destroy other people's lives all day. It's a job full of bad karma. These people must completely lack love in their lives. The only way to fix this is not to give them more of the evil that they express, but to give them more love.

So if you have a difficult caseworker or know someone else who is destroying your or other people's lives, put them on your Christmas card list. Send them chocolate. Let them know that you care and pray for them. Invite them to dinner. Keep doing it until they actually come.

And if you want to participate in a major love bombing experiment, sending your love to MY enemies, making sure they receive thousands of love tokens from all over the world, please get in touch with me.


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