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Helping people untangle
Helping people untangle
I derived my elevator pitch "helping people untangle" through the process from TEDx Talk "How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes" by Adam Leipzig. The phrase does not define just my job, but what I do. Always.

80% of people are unhappy with their lives 25 years after they left university. The happy 20% know something about their life purpose. Everything I have done with passion, the things that makes me feel alive, all boils down to one word: untangling.

Throughout my life, I have been untangling computer systems (debugging, rewriting, programming, streamlining, integrating), thoughts (philosophy, religion, bully victim recovery, psychology), understanding (teaching, helping others understand what I understand) and business process enhancements (integration, kaizen, kanban, 5s, process mapping and improvements).

Näeb. Teab. Teeb.

When my personal company changed name to Trollsilm (Estonian for "Troll eye"), I also adopted the phrase "Näeb. Teab. Teeb." - "He sees. He knows. He does." If Sun Tzu spoke English, he would calls this "due dilligence", a requirement for successfully overcoming any challenge, such as Chu's invading army, red tape or a bug in a crucial middleware component in a hospital. I consider reading Sun Tzu as an act of due diligence.

Screw work, let's play

In a less delicate expression, for the book by the same name, success is achieved by following your passion. Whatever you're passionate about, you will excel at. When you do what you're passionate about, it doesn't feel like slave labour (aka “work”), it feels like play. Who doesn't want to get paid to play? Come play with me.

Stuff that feels like play to me

  • Software development
  • EDI
  • Mapping business process
  • Improving business process
  • Understand your employees (get the best out of them instead of destroying them with your frustrations)
  • Understand bullying at the work place
  • Establish/teach information security in your business or at home
  • Mental health hygiene practices
  • Team building
  • Tile your bathroom
  • A new view on your current challenge
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