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Crazy ideas
Kefir-powered Christmas tree
Kefir-powered Christmas tree
My wife presented me with a book full of physics experiments you can do with home supplies. Lots of stuff to keep the kids interested. One of the things that caught my attention was the kefir battery.

For each cup of kefir, you have a copper wired attached to a zinc bolt. The zinc bolt goes into the cup of kefir, the other end of the copper wire goes straight into the next cup. A serial connection of three cups gives ca 2.7 volts at 1-2 milliamps - enough to light up a LED. The question was - where do we get a single LED around here?

This is where genious home experiments meet genious dad. The Christmas Tree has, of course, a lot of LEDs. A string of 25 LED lamps would then require me to present to our guests... "So here's our Christmas Tree and the 75 cups of kefir that powers it! Sorry for the smell, it has been on for a couple of weeks."

Possibly a new house rule comes with it: Christmas no longer lasts 20 days, it lasts until the kefir begins to stink.

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