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This is a quick run down of stuff I did at MSI/Eclipsys. More information and stories to be added later.

About the company

Multimedia Systems Integration Technologies Inc were a Marietta, GA based company specializing in integration between hospital systems using their own proprietary TLink integration software platform.

In 1998, the product was rebranded eLink, and ISAPI-integration module was branded eView. At this point, MSI was rebranded as eWebIT.

With ISAPI-support, we started to gain ground beyond hospital systems, and our most visible client was the New Zealand Post. Our largest client, however, was Eclipsys Corporation, which had bough up several different specialized hospital systems and used us to integrate them all into one big bundle.

In 1999, Eclipsys found out that it was cheaper to buy us than to buy our services, and so we went from 80 to several thousand employees over night. What was once a flat company had turned into a hierarchy, new rules that impacted office culture were imposed, and many of the people who had been loyal to MSI started to leave.

After I left the company for Zox Technologies Inc in Canada, the previous eWebIT spun off from Eclipsys as a new company called Allscripts.


The communication interfaces and functions were written in C/C++, with the GUI in Delphi. I worked with the interfaces and fuctions. Translators written with the GUI-based eLink/eView were automatically rewritten into C and compiled into executables or ISAPI DLLs.

While there is supposed to be standards for how the various systems communicate, not one system ever stuck to the standard. This meant that analyzing, learning and understanding systems was part of the every day job as a consultant.

Main achievements

  • DICOM-integration with GEMS optical storage
  • Format-independent DICOM parser for integration system
  • HL7 large message parser connecting 14 hospitals
  • Web application architecture (back end - these were the days before Ajax) and implementation of NZ Post's first eBill system
  • Javascript-based prototype demos for sales
  • Teaching networking to consultants with no prior technical understanding
  • Coordinating team building efforts
  • Developed screen scraper that allowed you to read windows on the screen, hide them, replace with your own forms, fill out forms in other applications and clicking buttons.
  • Firewall and mailsystem administrator

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