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Crazy ideas
Palun multifilmi! / Please cartoon!
Palun multifilmi! / Please cartoon!
As all children, our kids love to watch TV. That is, cartoons. And as we think most parents should do, we do our best to restrict our children's viewing habits.

So as I come home one day, number two keeps saying how we should watch a film tonight. And I give a clear message, this will not happen. After all, tomorrow Tanja is going to sing, and we will be watching that.

My wife, on the other hand, thinks that a film would be good to watch while we make waffles. So yes, a film it should be - The longest running Estonian soap opera, Õnne 13.

Eeeiii, number two cries. Palun multifilmi! Please, we want to watch a cartoon! And it strikes me... isn't it time that ETV made a cartoon version of Õnne 13? So this is hereby my request to Eesti Rahvusringhääling: Please make a cartoon version of Ónne 13. Even just one episode would warm the waffle hearts of our children. Thank you!

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