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Realms and forms of bullying
Realms and forms of bullying
While public discourse focus on specific types of bullying within the realm of public school, few are looking at or even realize that bullying pattern occurs in all layers of human society.

While the forms of bullying may differ between the realms in which the bullying takes place, the pattern is repeated in all realms. It is only a question of the specific actions taken to complete each stage in the pattern.

The pattern is:

  1. Breaking someone down
  2. Exploiting them and their resources
  3. Leave them when they are no longer useful
Children start their journey of bulling through the use of violence or threat of violence. This teaches the bully that (s)he can also gain a following. The power structure of the bully is based on the fear of becoming the group's next victim.

This evolves into a social power structure, where it is no longer necessary to actually use real violence. Humans are flock animals, and the threat of being left out is as threatening as any violence.

The pattern is still the same, however: A subject is picked out for bullying, and they are broked down through words by emphasizing attributes of the subject that are portrayed as unacceptable to "society". Most known attributes to be picked on are body size, eye sight, immobility, hair colour, skin colour, profession of parents and grades.

In reality, any attribute may be picked, because the power lies in the bully's ability to persuade the subject to believe its unworthiness, not anything real. I have seen a bully calling a subject fat whilst, ironically, the bully himself wielded more body fat than the subject he was calling fat.

Work life

By the time the bully graduates into work life, the bullying becomes more stealth. It also gains a purpose as a power tool. I have witnessed employees purposely making another employee uncomfortable and unwelcome, slowly trying to break him down - because he was actually doing a good job. They just didn't like his face.

More often, however, bullying behaviour may be initiated by a leader who feels threatened by a skilled employee, or an employee who is at danger of exposing corruption.

While we tend to call this a "work conflict", it does follow the same pattern: Break down the subject through inaccurate and/or impossible orders, persuade the subject that (s)he is doing something wrong without providing any hard evidence, watch the subject work hard to prove themselves until they hit the dreaded wall, then expel them for not doing their job or being non-cooperative.

Systemic bullying

Similar to the "work conflict" described above, an entire organization may be systematically bully a group of its users. From time to time, you'll see news stories about an organization - usually a public service - ignoring hard evidence in order to use obscure laws against its users.

Some public services are even set up for this purpose. By isolating decision makers from the subjects they made decisions about, and by isolating what they deem "relevant information", the decision makers may be breaking down their subjects without realizing they are actually doing so.

Indeed, this type of paper shuffling removed from the subjects is exactly how Nazi concentration camps were made possible.

Media and societal bullying

In all of this, the media wields a lot of power. By publishing only specific details of a story and accepting only opinions of the editor, media can set up entire groups of people as subjects of societal bullying.

Occasionally, media will also set up specific individuals for this kind of abuse. As it is perceived by the subject that media either represents (it does not) or creates (it might) public opinion, they mistake media to BE public opinion. Suicides have occured as a result of this.

It goes higher

Politicians making fun of each other. Speaking half truths and/or lying. The rhetorics of war. Pretty much all politics these days rely on breaking down an opponent or creating a public opinion about large groups of people based on half truths and lies. The pattern is the same.


We have different names for the different types and realms of bullying. Through this fragmentation, society attempts to hide the truth of what is actually going on: People being mentally broken down, exploited and destroyed by ruthless people who strive for their own power. The bullying we focus on at school is merely a reflection of what happens everywhere in society.

If we want to combat bullying, we must be honest about what this actually means. That it is not just the bullying at school that should not be allowed, but any form of breaking down a human being should be deemed a sabotage of society.

The very foundation of all forms of bullying is the breaking down of its subject. Thusly, this is where our primary focus for a remedy must be.

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