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Definition of Terror revisited
Definition of Terror revisited
So called "hate speech", encouraging people to commit violence and/or terrorism, is already prohibited. November 29th 2013, PST, the Norwegian version of NSA, announced that they would like to expand this law to include statements that glorify terror.

At the time of writing, it seems unlikely that the suggestion will pass through government, as reactions are already plenty. For instance, the law does not actually give a legal definition of "terror" or "terrorism". Hence, you may use any definition you deem politically empowering at any moment. Further, it has not been defined what constitutes a "glorification" of terror.

How about the statement "I love movies that make people scream in terror"? How about a horror movie fan page that glorifies horror movies and their production as a means to inflict terror on the population?

Of course, the political elite will never be touched by these laws. When confronted with the idea that Norway is taking part in a war, the government replied that we are not in war, merely participating an armed conflict. I assume that most people who have guns pointed at them are filled with terror.

Arguing that we should order troops to terrorize other humans, and it is not even part of a war (so they claim), it should be covered by existing laws that prohibit enticing people to commit violence and/or terrorism. No politician has been arrested for this.

It may sound like nitpicking, but it falls under a longer line of regulations that are governed by secret "internal guidelines", which means that you're at risk of breaking a law that you have no ability to know exists.

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