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The day I went sailing
The day I went sailing
As the tall ship races of 2015 are closing, I'm reminded of a a warm summer day in the beginning of the millenium that a friend asked if I wanted to come sailing. Sure, I said.

As we arrived at the marina, a handful of my friend's sailing friend had shown up. More or less one person per rope, as it turned out. On our way out of the marina, we were given a crash course in sailing terminology, about ducking so as not to get hit by the sail when we turned.

Once the crash course was over, we were all assigned specific posts, and followed captain's orders the best we could as first timers. Though as we were approaching the open fjord, we noticed there were suspiciously many sail boats there already.

"It's a regatta," our captain explained, as we closed in on the field crowded by sail boats. He went silent for a while. The start signal sounded. Captain started to give orders. Some of us were a little puzzled, so he added "...and by the way, we are competing!"

So that was my first and so far only experience having a post on a sail boat. It was enormously fun, even though we ended up second last.

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