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The little sun
The little sun
Once upon a time, there was a sun who was so very small. Indeed, she was the smallest sun in the street. But there was no lack of ambitions. She had great plans to shine up there in the sky, so that she would become known in the entire world.

All the children suns in the street made fun of her. They couldn't imagine that anything would ever become of her. Particularly the moons were bad to her. All but one moon, who was also being teased because he only rotated round Pluto instead of a «real» planet.

It was this friendship that made it possible for the little sun to accompany Nix one night and try out the job as a moon. It didn't go too well, though. The sun was born sun and would always be one. She shined so brightly round Pluto that the astronomers started fighting. Nix almost lost his job. And the little sun had no other choice than to find a sun job.

She first tried in Brazil, but they wanted a strong and powerful sun, and preferably one who knew samba. In Spain, they wanted a macho sun who could bring some heat to the beaches. And in England they didn't want any sun. The British only wanted rain and fog. France wanted a sun who drank wine, and the little sun was too young for that kind of stuff.

Austria wanted that their sun should wear lederhosen, so the little sun didn't even apply for that one. China already had a dragon who gave them all the light and warmth they wanted. India had all the stars in Bollywood, and Japan had their streets filled with neon advertising signs. The future looked grim and dark for the little sun.

There was only one job left, a job that nobody else wanted. But the little sun enjoyed her new found job. It was a part time job, doing the night shift during summers in the far north, and she could sleep through winter

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