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Vi ar nårvikjens
Vi ar nårvikjens
In 1991, three people ran around making a music video. One of them was me. Lyrics based on many of the songs popular at the time - can you spot them all?

Oh alack, the time has come
of the nasty killing waves
Games are played in thousand homes
caused by their betraying minds!

Beds are burning, midnight oil
Show us heaven, show us hell
We will die if this goes on
You can't touch this peace of crap!

It's poking our lives,
It's cutting us with knives,
It's eating our pride,
Put everything aside!

M is short for massacre,
T is short for torture,
V is short for vomit,
'cause it's MTV - puke!
It's MTV - puke!
It's MTV - puke!

We don't need no television...
Oh, shut up, Pink!

Music isn't fun no more
Tunes are dizzy, throats are sore
Vidare vi kan't not gå
Før the wørld will go in stå!

Hills and mountains by the sea
Misbrukt to receive TV
English e et fatti språk de
Ryggjej værte sabla låke!

It's pokeing our lives...etc
M is short for...etc

Dear audience!
Please, don't try to do this at home!
We love you ALL!

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