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Zox Technologies Inc
Zox Technologies Inc
About the company

Zox Technologies was a start-up that created a Java-based app-and-communication business platform. The apps were called "Zoxlets", which were granted branch-specific rights in a hierarchical database. Zoxlets could be business-specific or downloadable from the web. The future idea was that you would be able to move seamlessly between web applications and Zox, making digital commerce and other applications that required your information safe and efficient.

For instance, online applications such as LinkedIn, could receive your personal information from your personal Zox database of your computer, instead of having to fill out the same forms over and over again. However, you would be in full control over who received your data, and the access was controlled by your own computer, not a third party service provider.

As part of our routines, we would have a class in programming patterns every week. Everyone had to make a pattern presentation. I was given the Command Pattern, which I subsequently made a video about - see video on the right hand side of this page.

Stuff I did

  • Development of the Java Beans environment that integrated Zoxlets with the Zox platform
  • Bridging software development with process engineering department and sales department
  • The guy people went to for a second pair of debugging eyes

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